Obverse: Around the outside are the words “COLONIAL AUXILIARY FORCES”, in the centre the Royal Cypher, and at the top the Crown in gold.

Reverse: Plain, except for engraved details of the recipient’s rank, name and regiment.

Size: 37mm wide, 55mm to the top of the crown.

Ribbon: 38mm wide, the ribbon is dark green.

Suspension: The ribbon is attached to a plain straight suspender which has a loop attached to the bottom. This loop passes through a loop fixed to the top back of the crown. The suspender will move forwards and backwards.

The Colonial Auxiliary Forces Officer’s Decoration was instituted by Queen Victoria in a Royal Warrant on 18 May 1899 and amended by further Warrants dated 3 August 1902 and 9 June 1921. It was authorised in the New Zealand Gazette No. 33 on 1 May 1902.

It was awarded to officers of the New Zealand Volunteer Force, and later the New Zealand Territorial Forces, who had completed 20 years service. The decoration was superseded on 23 September 1931 by The New Zealand Efficiency Decoration.

A total of 429 medals were awarded.