Obverse: A Crowned Effigy of the Sovereign.

Reverse: The words “THE QUEEN’S GALLANTRY MEDAL”. This is surmounted by a crown, either side of which is a laurel leaf.

Size: 37mm in diameter.

Ribbon: 33mm wide, the ribbon is of equal sized stripes of dark blue, white and dark blue, with a 1mm red stripe in the centre of the white stripe.

Suspension: The ribbon passes through a ring, which in turn passes through a loop fixed to the top of the piece.

Instituted on 20th June 1974 to replace The British Empire Medal for Gallantry, The Queen’s Gallantry Medal is awarded to members of the Armed Forces, the Police and to civilians for exemplary acts of bravery. Bars may be awarded for subsequent acts. Details of the recipient are recorded on the rim.