Obverse: A silver cross with four equal arms (or a Greek cross) with, in the centre, a Royal Crown within a wreath of New Zealand fern fronds, both gilt.

Reverse: The inscription “FOR GALLANTRY – MO TE TOANGA”.

Size: 40mm across the arms of the cross.

Ribbon: 32mm in width, with seven narrow vertical stripes of crimson, white, crimson, purple, crimson, white, and crimson.

Suspension: The ribbon passes through a ring which in turn passes through an eyelet attached to the uppermost arm of the cross.

Instituted on 20th September 1999, The New Zealand Gallantry Decoration replaces, and takes precedence over, several British decorations, The Distinguished Service Cross, The Distinguished Service Medal, The Military Cross, The Military Medal, The Distinguished Flying Cross, The Distinguished Flying Medal, The Air Force Cross and The Air Force Medal. The New Zealand Gallantry Decoration is awarded for acts of exceptional gallantry in situations of danger.

A recipient of an Award who performs a further act of gallantry that is worthy of recognition by the same Award may be awarded a Bar to be attached to the ribbon of his or her Award. This Bar is of silver, oblong in shape, and bears two New Zealand fern fronds. When the ribbon alone is worn, for each Bar awarded, a small silver representation of an uncoiled fern frond is worn on the ribbon. Recipients of the Award shall have the privilege of placing the letters “N.Z.G.D.” after their names.

There have been twelve awards of The New Zealand Gallantry Decoration up to the end of 2015.

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Royal Warrant For This Award: View Warrant (PDF document)