Obverse: An Uncrowned Effigy of the Sovereign. The whole ensigned by a bomb attached to the clasp and ribbon by two wings.

Reverse: Within a wreath of laurel a representation of Hermes mounted on a hawk in flight bestowing a wreath. Alongside this is the date “1918”.

Size: Of oval shape, being 36mm across and 42mm from top to bottom.

Ribbon: 31mm wide, the ribbon is of equal sized 1.5mm wide diagonal stripes of red and white.

Suspension: By an ornate suspender bar in the shape of two wings.

Instituted in 1918 and awarded under the same conditions as The Air Force Cross, The Air Force Medal is awarded to non-commissioned officers and airmen of the Air Force who have displayed courage or devotion to duty while flying, although not in active operations against the enemy. Bars may be awarded for subsequent acts.

The Air Force Medal is extremely rare, there having been just over 800 Medals and seven bars awarded since its inception. Four awards were made to members of the Royal New Zealand Air Force during the Second World War.

Like The Air Force Cross, the original ribbon had horizontal stripes and changed to the present design in 1919. Details of the recipient are recorded on the rim of the medal.

Royal Warrant For This Award: View Warrant (PDF document)