Obverse: The United Nations global projection emblem, above which are the letters “UN”.

Reverse: Plain, with the legend “IN THE SERVICE OF PEACE”.

Size: 35mm in diameter.

Ribbon: 35mm wide, the centre of the ribbon for this medal has a 9mm red stripe. Outside of this on either side is a 1mm white stripe and a 3mm light blue stripe. On each edge of the ribbon is a 3mm light blue stripe. Between the blue stripes on each side is, on the left of the ribbon a 6mm green stripe and on the right of the ribbon a 6mm brown stripe. Ninety days of service in the Mission was necessary to qualify for award of the medal.

Suspension: The ribbon is threaded through a 12mm diameter ring, which passes through a loop fixed to the top of the piece. The ring will move forwards and backwards.

United Nations Protection Force, in The Balkans, March 1992 to January 1996. This force was deployed to various sectors of the former Yugoslavia in an effort to prevent further conflict between the main religious factors in the country, Serbs, Bosnian Muslims and Croats. The maximum strength of UNPROFOR was 23,000 personnel. As well as military observers, New Zealand had a reinforced infantry company attached to the force between March 1994 and 20 December 1995.