Obverse: A gilt and enamelled12-pointed star, comprising a 6-point rayed star in gilt with a white enameled 6-pointed star, edged in gilt, superimposed thereon. In the centre bearing a map of a gilt circlet having a green enameled centre bearing a map of North and South Vietnam in gilt. Superimposed over the centre of the map is a cluster of flames in red enamel.

Reverse: An indented die struck inscription with the recipient’s number and name above.

Size: 38mm between the points of the star.

Ribbon: 35mm wide. White with 2mm green stripes on the edges and an 8mm green stripe midway between the centre and each edge. The medal ribbon has a clasp titled “1960-“, while the ribbon, when worn alone, has a miniature clasp bearing the title “60-“.

Suspension: By means of an 18mm bar connected by a ring to an eyelet on the topmost point of the star.

Unrestricted permission was given for the wearing of this medal, issued by the South Vietnam Government. The qualifying period for award of the medal is 6 months service on the strength of a unit or formation in Vietnam. The full term was waived where personnel are captured, wounded in action or killed on active service.

Regulations For This Award: View Regulations (PDF document)