Obverse: The NATO star set in a wreath of olive leaves.

Reverse: The title “NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANISATION” and the words “IN THE SERVICE OF PEACE AND FREEDOM” in English and in French.

Size: 35mm in diameter.

Ribbon: 35mm wide, the ribbon for this medal is dark blue, the colour of NATO, with a medium white stripe in the centre, in the centre of which is a narrow silver stripe. The clasp ‘NON ARTICLE 5’ is worn on the medal ribbon.

Suspension: The ribbon is threaded through a 12mm diameter ring, which passes through a loop fixed to the top of the piece. The ring will move forwards and backwards.

This medal is circular in form and made of bronze. Instituted by The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) in 2002 to recognise service after the amalgamation of all operations in the Balkans into one operational whole. Awarded to personnel who began their deployments on or after 3 December 2002. Since 1996 New Zealand has contributed military personnel to serve with NATO in the Former Yugoslavia: first with the NATO Implementation Force (IFOR) and then with the NATO Stabilisation Force (SFOR). On 2 December 2004 NATO SFOR was replaced by the European Union Force (EUFOR).

Eligibility & Criteria
Awarded for :

– thirty days continuous or accumulated service in direct support of NATO operations, on land, at sea or in the air spaces of the Former Yugoslavia, Albania, the Former Republic of Macedonia, and the Adriatic Sea (the theatre of operations) commencing 3 December 2002; or
– ninety days continuous or accumulated service commencing 3 December 2002, in the territories of Italy, Greece, Hungary and Austria, in direct support of the NATO operations in the Former Yugoslavia (the adjacent area).