Obverse: The NATO star set in a wreath of olive leaves.

Reverse: The title “NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANISATION” and the words “IN THE SERVICE OF PEACE AND FREEDOM” in English and in French.

Size: 35mm in diameter.

Ribbon: 35mm wide, the ribbon for this medal is dark blue, the colour of NATO, with a wide white stripe in the centre and a narrow white stripe on either edge, representing peace. The clasp “KOSOVO” is worn on the medal ribbon.

Suspension: The ribbon is threaded through a 12mm diameter ring, which passes through a loop fixed to the top of the piece. The ring will move forwards and backwards.

This medal is circular in form and made of bronze. It was awarded to forces who served on the strength of the NATO Kosovo Force (KFOR) in Kosovo.

Although there was no formal deployment of New Zealand Defence Force personnel to this force, the medal was awarded to two NZDF personnel who deployed to KFOR with their host units while on Exercise Long Look in 2002. Royal Approval has also been obtained for New Zealand personnel who served on the strength of the NATO Kosovo Force (KFOR) in 2002 to wear the NATO Medal with Clasp “KOSOVO”. This permission does not apply to those who served with the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), who have been awarded the NATO Medal for Kosovo in acknowledgement of the close liaison they had with KFOR in their roles with UNMIK. These personnel are permitted to accept the KFOR medal as a memento only.