Obverse: Two circles between which are the words “MULTINATIONAL FORCE & OBSERVERS”. Within the inner circle is a stylised dove superimposed over an olive branch.

Reverse: Plain, with the legend “UNITED IN SERVICE FOR PEACE”.

Size: 34mm in diameter.

Ribbon: 36mm wide. Orange with a wide white centre stripe, on either side of which is a narrow black stripe.

Suspension: By a plain straight suspender bar from which hangs a ring, through which in turn passes another ring attached to the top of the medal.

This medal was awarded to New Zealand servicemen who took part in the Multinational Peacekeeping Force in the Sinai in 1984. This bronze medal was issued unnamed.

The MFO Medal is a meritorious service medal which is awarded to military and observer members of the Force in recognition of honourable performance of duty with the MFO. Eligibility for initial award of the MFO Medal is six months (minimum 170 days) of honourable duty. However, eligibility for the initial award will be considered satisfied in the event that:
1. The award is to be made posthumously; or;
2. The member is medically repatriated due to MFO service-incurred injuries or illness; or;
3. The member completes a contingent tour of less than six months, as agreed between the Director General and the respective Participating State.

Regulations For This Award: View Regulations (PDF document)