Obverse: The star has three points; the topmost is replaced by a crown. Across the face are two crossed swords, the points and handles of which protrude and thus form what might be considered four additional points of the star. In the centre, on a scroll, is the date “1914”; on two further scrolls, one above and the other immediately underneath the date, are the months “AUG” and “NOV”. The “AUG” is on the top scroll. These three scrolls are surrounded by a laurel wreath 18mm in diameter, on the bottom of which is superscribed “V” inside the letter “G”.

Reverse: Perfectly flat and plain, except for the stamping of the recipient’s number, rank, name and regiment.

Size: Maximum width 45mm, height 63mm, including ring for suspension.

Ribbon: 31mm wide. Reading from left to right as seen on the wearer, the colours are red, white and blue, shaded and watered.

Suspension: The star has three points, the topmost being replaced by a crown, at the top of which is a 13mm diameter ring for suspension stamped out solid with the piece. Another ring passes through this and the ribbon is threaded through this second ring.

Clasps Issued: 1

The clasp issued was “5TH AUG. – 22ND NOV. 1914”.

This bronze star was awarded to all who saw service in Belgium or France between 5th August and 22nd November 1914.