Obverse: A Crowned Effigy of the Sovereign.

Reverse: Britannia on two sea horses, with her left hand resting on the Union Shield.

Size: 36mm in diameter.

Ribbon: 32mm wide. Crimson with three white stripes.

Suspension: By a plain straight suspender.

Clasps Issued:16

This silver medal was awarded for a total of sixteen theatres between the years of 1918 and 1964. Clasps awarded to members of the New Zealand forces include:

Awarded to personnel of the Royal New Zealand Navy for six months’ naval
minesweeping service afloat between 3rd September, 1945, and 30th September, 1951. The terminal date of the award varied depending on the area of operations.

Awarded to personnel of the Royal Navy for duty off the Egyptian coast between 31st October and 22 December, 1956. Although no New Zealand ships were officially involved in this campaign, a small number of medals and clasps were awarded to those members of the Royal New Zealand Navy serving on British ships.

Regulations For This Award: View Regulations (PDF document)