Obverse: A Crowned Effigy of the Sovereign with, around the otside, the wording “ELIZABETH II QUEEN OF NEW ZEALAND”.

Reverse: A representation of the head of a Kiwi, facing to the right and overshadowing a map of East Timor with the words “EAST TIMOR” below and, in the top right of the field, a sprig of olive leaves.

Size: 36mm in diameter.

Ribbon: 32mm wide, the ribbon is green and has, from the left, a 5mm white stripe, a 4mm black stripe, a 2mm red stripe, and from the right a 5mm white stripe, a 4mm black stripe and a 2mm red stripe.

Suspension: By a plain bar suspender.

Clasps Issued: 1

Instituted on 12th March 2001, this Medal is awarded for service in the operational area between 19 June 1999 and 27 April 2006. Those who qualify for the Medal and have service of 365 days or more in the operational area, are awarded a silver clasp bearing the words “EAST TIMOR”, to be attached to the ribbon of the Medal. To denote the award of the Clasp, a silver rosette shall be worn on the ribbon of the Medal when the ribbon alone is worn.

Royal Warrant For This Award: View Warrant (PDF document)